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FUT Alert allows you to watch the Fifa Ultimate Team market with large variety of options, tailored and customised by you, according to your needs
FUT Alert iPhone

FUT Alert "My Portfolio"

With FUT Alert "My Portfolio", track your investments in real time.
Watch them & your profit fly by the second on stock market like screens.

"My Portfolio" is completely FREE of charge!


Wide Range of notifications

With FUT Alert notifications, you will never miss a market crash or rise. Never be late or behind the competition to buy / sell cards, ever again

FREE Access

FUT Alert comes with a free membership plan which allows you to enjoy 70% of our facilities
(with limitations) FREE of charge

Live Pricing Data

FUT market pricing information, which is the core of FUT Alert, is fed by live data from Fifa Ultimate servers every couple of minutes

Alerts & Notifications

With FUT Alert, you'll get notifications for market pricing changes, live score updates for OTW / PTG cards, individual player prices and latest FUT news

Community driven

Found by a community approved trader:
FUT Trading 101, FUT Alert is developed & driven by the desires of the trading community

Regular Updates

FUT Alert companion app does follow the latest news, changes and promos in Fifa Ultimate Team, bringing you free updates within minutes

Stay connected

Be a part of a community and draw a road map for the future of FUT Alert and change
FUT Alert & FIFA Ultimate Team trading, forever

How does it work ?

Just follow these simple instructions below, to enjoy our facilities and become a FIFA Ultimate Team millionaire in no time!


Download FUT Alert

Download the app from Apple AppStore on 15th of April or Google Playstore when released


Follow players or markets

Create player pricing alerts, watch One to Watch players or create market alerts


Receive alerts

Receive instant notifications with market & player pricing changes and live match updates


Flipping Alerts Tutorial

Enjoy our how to use Flipping Alerts for beginners guides, and see your benefits in action!



Our plans

FUT Alert offers you the following membership plans:



  • Player alerts up to 3 players
  • Market / NLC alerts up to 1 markets
  • No OTW / RTTF alerts
  • No Flipping alerts


£ 1.49

  • Player alerts up to 10 players
  • Market / NLC alerts up to 4 markets
  • No OTW / RTTF alerts
  • No Flipping alerts


£ 4.99

  • Player alerts up to 20 players
  • Market / NLC alerts up to 10 markets
  • No OTW / RTTF alerts
  • No Flipping alerts


£ 6.99

  • Unlimited number of Player alerts
  • Unlimited number of Market / NLC alerts
  • OTW / RTTF alerts
  • Flipping alerts

Download FUT Alert

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